To Blog or not to Blog? On the “Circus”of Fashion

By all rights, fashion bloggers are interlopers—we have no journalistic pedigree, no experience under the stern wings of an Anna Wintour, no vetted eyes or taste. To paraphrase the vitriolic tone of Suzy Menkes’s now infamous New York Times Magazine article, “The Circus of Fashion” (here), fashion bloggers are peacocks, free-loaders, fakes, amateurs and poseurs. Published in the middle of New York Fashion Week for maximum effect,  Suzy Menkes caused an uproar when she denounced the self-promoting, narcissistic, take-anything-you’ll-give-me attitude of the fashion blogeratti–those people “famous just for being famous.”

Accusing fashion bloggers of dismissing the cultivated tastes of the authentically dedicated—those perpetually black-clad followers of the fashion vanguard—Menkes skewered the blogging world for having no journalistic standards (free gifts = bribery) and for turning the walk to the fashion tent into a rabid spectacle of bodies, tulle and flashbulbs. The problem isn’t necessarily with spectacle– nobody in their right mind would argue that high fashion has been anything else–-but with a world where bloggers are taken as seriously as a respected international fashion critic. Continue reading