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This blog is about the way we wonder and worry over our clothes, the way we love them, the way I love them, and why. It’s for the wild of color and the deep rich of leather (no apologies here). It’s for the difficult mess of high fashion–art, commodity, controversy, hedonism, cult and genius–but without shrill judgment. It’s for being a critic without front row access. And it wants to ask questions, tell stories: Who made my clothes? Why does color matter? Can cloth free us?

It’s for the young girl who took her first $20 to the shopping mall in a cold Canadian town and asked herself: What do I want to wear?  It’s about seizing fear–I’m not fashionable, I can’t wear that, that’s not for me— and defying it. It’s about the way fashion falls between two extremes–it matters, it doesn’t–and not giving an answer. And it’s for the pleasure of its beauty–the way we display it, covet it, and love it.

About Andrea: In my other life, I study philosophy.  I’ll the kind of doctor that can’t save your life on an airplane unless you have an emergency question about Plato. I spend my free time (ha!) at thriftstores around the city. I love good espresso, sharp pencils and Alexander McQueen. I also love to hear from you! Suggestions, ideas, collaborations, comments are welcome.


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